About Us

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Our Mission

To build better men through lifelong friendships, leadership opportunities, and character development

Our Vision

To grow the organization through a complete dedication to
developing the full potential of all our members and
building a strong, vibrant alumni network

Our Values

Chi Phi was founded on the basis of Truth, Honesty and
Personal Integrity. These are timeless values, which guide
the fundamental purposes of the fraternity.

As with all dynamic organizations, there is a need to
maintain relevancy in the lives of our members and society
in general. To that end, Chi Phi has renewed its commitment
to the founding values expressed in our ritual: Truth,
Honesty, & Personal Integrity.

At the same time, Chi Phi has begun to explor a modern set of
evolving core values, which can be used to guide our daily
activities and functions. These core values offer
contemporary definitions of the values that drive Chi Phi:

We will engage in mutually enriching relationships.
We will respect each other, the fraternity, society and ourselves.
We will interact in an open and truthful way.
We will fulfill our moral expectations as individuals and as a group.
We will accomplish more than what is expected of us.
Personal Development
We will build better men, better leaders, and better citizens.